Indirect Taxes

Although we specialise in VAT, we also consider the impact of all other forms of tax. This comprehensive approach gives you effective access to the largest group of tax professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can therefore help you to streamline your operations to minimize VAT costs and can provide you with the skills and the foresight that you need to actually manage your VAT, rather than just paying it.

We fully understand and appreciate the specific needs of individual businesses. As part of a global network, PricewaterhouseCoopers can offer comprehensive solutions to all your VAT needs. You could also choose to have access to our GlobalVatOnline website, a constantly updated database of important VAT information from over 70 countries.

Core Services

  • Tax Planning and restructuring
  • Assistance with VAT registration and administration
  • Preparation of VAT returns and effective maintenance of VAT records
  • Ensuring the correct application of VAT rates
  • Review of VAT application within your business
  • VAT refund service
  • Analysis of business costs to optimize statutory VAT entitlements
  • Vision projects to provide you with an analysis of potential cost savings
  • Cash flow planning
  • Analysis of import or acquisition VAT to determine optimal cash flow
  • Assisting you with any negotiations you may have with the tax authorities
  • Customs and International Trade
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