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Meet Elmir

Meet Elmir

Meet Elmir, a Senior Associate with PwC Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Tax department. He specializes in data analysis, working on identifying the needs of clients that are represented by large and well-known companies in different sectors. Elmir truly enjoys the field work as he can meet his clients personally and explore new cities. 

He started his PwC career after graduating university. His passion towards personal development and continuous learning were key decision-making factors once applying for his job role within PwC. 

During the first years of his professional journey, Elmir felt fully supported by the company as he got access to different upskilling digital programs. He knows that in our new digital era obtaining new skills is crucial, especially when it comes to data.

Outside of his work, Elmir takes advantage of hiking. “After a long productive week, it is necessary to recharge the batteries for the upcoming week and its victories. The best way is to go out in nature and hike with your loved ones. PwC is a family friendly family that encourages well-being, so spending time in nature as a family is something that we are encouraged to do,” he says. 

Could you imagine PwC as a company working with Python, Alteryx, or PowerBi although it is not a software company? The basis of good decision-making is good input data that can be processed in right way and adequately interpreted.