Transfer Pricing

Our dedicated team of transfer pricing specialists can consolidate your group’s transfer pricing policy to correspond to your business objectives and strategies. We can provide you with industry specific benchmarking to determine an effective arm’s length price for goods and services. This also enables you to adjust your transfer pricing to optimise your overall profitability. Furthermore, we are able to assist you in providing transfer pricing documentation that fully complies with the local transfer pricing rules and corresponds to the OECD guidelines.

This documentation is essential to prove that your pricing structure complies with all the current rules and regulations and to avoid penalties for not producing the required documentation in time.

  • Assessment of current transfer pricing procedures
  • A full review of existing group transfer pricing policies
  • Assistance in the preparation of a new transfer pricing policy
  • Preparation of industry specific benchmark analysis and comparable studies to support the transfer pricing policy and methods
  • Assistance in the preparation of all required supporting documentation
  • Complex transformation of your existing business structure to a more tax and business-effective model
  • Assistance in any negotiations with the Tax authorities.

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