Corporate Income Taxes

Corporate Tax Compliance and Outsourcing

  • Specialisation in the preparation and submission of corporate income tax returns.
  • Liaising with the Tax and Financial Authorities on behalf of our clients
  • Managing annual compliance procedures
  • Assistance with tax accounting

Corporate Tax Advisory

  • This includes tax optimisation, tax modelling, value extraction, intellectual property planning

International Tax Planning and Restructuring

  • Outbound and inbound structuring
  • Global tax optimisation
  • Tax efficient holding locations
  • Global profit repatriation
  • International tax law interpretation
  • Double Tax Relief
  • Cross border transactions

Transaction Tax Advice

  • Mergers and acquisitions tax services (due diligence, tax structuring of transaction, debt structuring)

Financial Services

  • Local or international group refinancing
  • Identification of risks involved in the tax, accounting and legal aspects of various financial products
  • Re-capitalisation and balance sheet restructuring
  • Financial instruments and derivatives advisory
  • Registration of foreign investment funds

Real Estate

  • Tax structuring including advice on beneficial holding locations, exit strategies, capital gains optimisation, financing strategy
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