Building digital trust.

The digital age is here. Embracing opportunities is the only way to stay competitive.

Trust means that:
• Your customers will buy your products on-line and have confidence you’ll keep their data secure;
• Your suppliers know your systems won’t fail them; and
• You have the confidence to move your business forward by embracing technology and the opportunities it has to offer.
With trust in your data and security, with resilience built into your systems, and with the knowledge that your digital transformation will succeed, you’ll have the confidence to embrace your digital future, and enjoy the exponential impact it has on your growth.

Technology Solutions

The pace of technology change, regulatory pressures and increasing dependency on technology represent a significant challenge for companies. Business systems must be fully available and reliable to enable business processes to run smoothly, in a well controlled and transparent manner.

We add value by:

•  Assisting clients identify IT related risks, evaluate the potential impact, recommend internal controls, evaluate control effectiveness and assist with mitigation

• Providing independent assurance on IT cost effectiveness and assisting in IT cost optimization activities

•  Providing assurance and assistance in ensuring that robust control solutions are in place to manage IT systems risks, including process improvement, control optimisation (manual and automated controls) and providing confidence that performance data is reported correctly

•  Identifying and evaluating the risk of undetected errors, fraud, or material misstatement to the financial and operating data

•  Optimizing the implementation and configuration of third party compliance tools, such as SAP GRC

Modern business operations are becoming increasingly dependent on technology that allows the phasing out of a great variety on routine manual tasks by robust automated processes and controls. It makes your business run as one organism that breathes and breeds data.

Business leaders must recognise the value that data assets contribute to enabling critical business processes and creating competitive advantage. Thus it is important to trust the flow of data within your organisation, as it can enable you to make both day-to-day and strategic decisions faster, supporting your business knowledge by valuable insights.

Do you prepare the organization to unlock new opportunities with data? Do you have concerns about reliability of your data? Is there a need to spend significant amount of time to manually retrieve and/or key data before it can be used for reporting? Do you rely on complex spreadsheets that take a number of days to fill in? Are there bottlenecks in business processes that heavily rely on data?

We deliver solutions and tools that help you create and capture the right information at the right time to give you the edge you need in business to optimize business opportunities.

We provide our clients with confidence in their data through:

  • Data governance
  • Data quality management and assurance
  • Management information confidence
  • Process and risk analytics
  • Smart data analytics and visualization
  • Data collection, transformation and migration
  • Creation of dashboards and financial/regulatory/management reports
  • Master data excellence
  • Social Media, Big Data and Machine Learning

Given recent high profile events in both the private and public sector, information security and privacy has never been higher on the board agenda. Reputation, trust and brand value can all be seriously affected by information loss and theft. Incidents have often erroneously been attributed to technology issues, and while technology is one of the key components to better information and cyber security, equal attention needs to be paid to people, organisation, culture and processes.

Companies can no longer manage security on an ad-hoc project basis. To reduce the risk of business disruptions, meet regulatory compliance objectives and adequately respond to complex security breaches, organizations must integrate security infrastructures as well as constantly monitor standards, policies and controls to stay in line with established parameters. By gaining complete visibility into the security infrastructure, organizations are also able to remediate security gaps quickly.

We provide our clients confidence around the security of their data, employees, organization, etc. through:

  • Security strategy and governance reviews and optimization
  • Cyber risk assessments and governance
  • Third party risk management and cloud security assistance
  • Security architecture and security solution architecture design and reviews
  • Implementation and operation of security solutions (IAM, security analytics, DLP, network security, etc.)
  • Designing and providing managed security services
  • Threat and vulnerability reviews, penetration testing and detailed technology security assessments
  • Incident readiness and response
  • Data protection design, governance and transformation
  • Security awareness design and training

Business system landscape is changing with users moving seamlessly between in-house systems, cloud-based services and mobile applications requiring a comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to business systems control. 

PwC's business systems confidence solutions help clients to boost the likelihood of a project's success and to reach its business goals. PwC's team of specialists have tried and tested methods in addition to years of experience of business and project management behind them, covering variety of IT systems: ERP and HR (SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX, 1C, Qlilk), GIS, CRM, BI, GRC, corporate portals, document workflow systems, dashboards, budgeting and management accounting systems, financial consolidation and treasury.

We provide confidence in business systems through helping to select, deploy, and operate standardized as well as custom built business solutions and their extensions, including:

  • Design and review of requirements for packaged solutions
  • Assistance in business solution package selection
  • Design and/or review of business controls to be implemented by business solutions
  • Assisting with system localization (e.g. designing relevant tax or parallel accounting)
  • System and end-user testing of implemented business functionality data migration assistance and review
  • Development of reporting tools on top of business solutions

To gain competitive advantage and keep pace with regulatory requirements, organizations are undertaking an unprecedented amount of transformational change. The benefits of such big, IT-heavy projects can be great – but they’re not without risks. Failure to manage these risks successfully can have many adverse consequences, both operational and reputational.

According to research, a quarter of all major change programmes fail completely while around three quarters under deliver. Many companies have a history of IT implementation projects which struggle to deliver the benefits that are expected of them, often having major knock on effects on other projects and conflicting with others.

PwC can increase confidence in your enterprise projects, programmes and transformational agenda through:

  • Establishing project management office (PMO) and supervising project and program execution
  • Carrying out and independent assessment of the current project status, the project management processes and the KPIs, including identification of project risks and recommendation for suitable project risk management processes
  • Assessing programme and project management, to increase both efficiency and control over entire initiatives and provide transparency through project status reporting
  • Assessing contractual and legal aspects of project related third party contracts, identifying the associated risks
  • Acting as a supervisory trustee to check that official requirements are in compliance
  • Assisting in review and design of project and program portfolio management practices to ensure that business priorities and benefits realization are properly controlled and reflected realised
  • Analysing existing systems landscape and designing target systems architecture and integration
  • Assessing technology and organizational readiness for major technology transformations such as Industry 4.0, major process digitalization, migration to cloud, etc.

Changing your perspective on Cyber Security

"Risk Assurance provides a robust framework to allow for defensive tactics as well as value creation through offensive activities."

Greg Pitzer, CEE Risk Assurance Leader

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