Compensation and Benefits Report

Compensation and Benefits Report provides a summary of compensation policies adhered to companies on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as a summary of key benefits provided by employers. The report provides an analysis of all compensation and benefit policies for the whole sample and across sectors, as well as by different staff categories.

Analysis of compensation policies

Results of this analysis help companies to design their remuneration tools, performance appraisal system, salary reviews, salary negotiations (RSD/EUR), fixed bonuses allocation (meal allowance, transportation allowance, holiday allowance, 13th salary), variable bonuses allocation, entry-level salaries, annual holiday, overtime and flexible working policies, employees relations, special compensation programs (relocation, retention), outsourcing policy, etc.

Analysis of benefit policies

Results of this analysis provide valuable insight into each type of benefit (cars, mobile phones, life/accident insurance, private pension plans, health cover in private health care clinics, social activities, special occasion gifts, sports activities, etc.) provided to employees by their company,  based on the employee’s grade level or rank, usage policy and costs.

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